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Commentary: Fair and Balanced?

More than 50 years ago, when “The Time of Your Life,” was revived on Broadway, with Henry Fonda playing the lead, LIFE magazine asked the playwright, William Saroyan, to review his award-winning play. Instead of coming East from his home in San Francisco, Saroyan “reviewed” the play as he imagined it would be performed.  LIFE ran the review, which (like G. B. Shaw’s Prefaces) reflected Saroyan’s philosophy of life as well as re-telling the story of the play. On April 27, there was a panel discussion, “Fair and Balanced?” presented jointly by the SPJ and the Philadelphia Public Relations Association. Since virtually everything that was said was inaudible (when will panelists learn to speak to the microphones and not turn their heads to speak to each other?), I am going to take the … Read entire article »

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