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Commentary: Some thoughts as we start a new year

Admittedly, I have not read every newspaper and news magazine in the country, nor have I watched every news program on television, nor have I listened to every news broadcast and talk-radio program in the country, so it is possible that one or more journalists have raised or otherwise commented on some of the “news” items that have intrigued or interested me–or, downright vexed me. North Korea In all the early news about the death of Kim … Read entire article »

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Commentary: First Genocide, Now Vericide

Now that the term “genocide” has been established as a “crime against humanity” and is a matter for the courts, it is time for the introduction of another word, but, this time, for use by journalists who report and otherwise comment upon what countries and their leaders say about genocide and lesser matters: Vericide. Historians should also start using it. Just as “genocide” is “the deliberate killing of a very large number of people from a particular … Read entire article »

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Commentary: Flags for Burning

When journalists report on the “spontaneous” flag-burning demonstrations, around the world, there is one fact that is never covered or reported:  How and where do the protestors get the flags they burn? Do all the countries that have flag-burning mobs also have shops that sell “Flags for Burning”? Is there an international company that has salesmen traveling the world selling flags of all countries?  And, to whom do they sell–governments or individuals?  And, which country’s flags do … Read entire article »

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