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2012 Print

Public Service

First Place: John Sullivan, Susan Snyder, Kristen A. Graham, Dylan Purcell, Jeff Gammage; Philadelphia Inquirer
“Assault in Learning”
Judges‘ Comments: There was so much good work in this category, but that one chilling line grabs the reader and they can’t stop reading. This is impressive access to system that is notoriously closed, storytelling at its best, use of data that’s readable and most importantly, this is journalism that makes a difference. John, Susan, Kristen, Dylan and Jeff made going to school safer.

Second Place: Staff; The Morning Call
“Allentown Gas Explosion”

Third Place: Nancy Phillips; Philadelphia Inquirer
“Mistakes in Life and Death Cases”

Investigative Reporting

First Place: Joseph Tanfani, Craig R. McCoy; Philadelphia Inquirer
“Powerful pipes, weak oversight”
Judge’s Comments: This series should make anyone who lives near natural gas lines nervous. Authoritatively reported and amazingly readable, this is the epitome of public service journalism.

Second Place: Spencer Soper; The Morning Call
“Inside Amazon’s Warehouse”

Third Place: Nancy Phillips; Philadelphia Inquirer
“4 accuse columnist of abuse”

Ongoing News Coverage (circ. +75,000)

First Place: Martha Woodall, William K. Marimow, John Sullivan, Kristin A. Graham, Dylan Purcell; Philadelphia Inquirer
“Philadelphia School District”
Judge’s Comments: The team of reporters, with astonishing detail, combined shocking data with rich and compelling storytelling to show readers extreme corruption and violence happening in the Philadelphia School District.

Second Place: Barbara Laker, Wendy Ruderman, Julie Shaw; Philadelphia Daily News
“Tacony basement”

Third Place: Kristin Graham, Susan Snyder, Bob Warner, Jeff Gammage, Troy Graham; Philadelphia Inquirer
“Arlene Ackerman”

Ongoing News Coverage (circ. -75,000)

First Place: Kathleen Carey; Delaware County Daily Times
“Refinery Changes”
Judge’s Comments: This is hard news at its best, a series of stories that looked at plant closings from every perspective. I especially liked “One family, one life”, a story that showed what the closings meant to real people.

Second Place: Staff; Delaware County Daily Times
“Chester Shootings”

Third Place: Jo Ciavaglia; Buck County Courier Times
“The 41k water bill”

Deadline or Spot News Story (circ. +75,000)

First Place: Jason Nark; Philadelphia Daily News
Judge’s Comments: Nice first-person perspective on the news of the day with Occupy Philly and Hurricane Irene. In particular, organizing the hurricane coverage chronologically helped put the reader right there with Jason.

Deadline or Spot News Story (circ. -75,000)

First Place: Ben Finley; Bucks County Courier Times
“Police arrest man wanted for triple homicide”
Judge’s Comments: Ben delivered both reporting and writing that elevated this story

beyond the run-of-the-mill. The lede and details were wonderful.

Second Place: Kathleen Carey, Rose Quinn; Delaware County Daily Times
“Sunoco to begin shutdown”

Third Place: Danielle Lynch, Paul Luce; Delaware County Daily Times
“Alleged murderer killed after standoff”

Magazine Story

First Place: John Martin; Philadelphia Inquirer
“The friar’s confession”
Judge’s Comments: Bravo. A searing indictment of a decade-old murder conviction that hinges on a questionable confession by a troubled priest. A thoughtful, fair meditation on the criminal justice system, police techniques and nagging uncertainty after a case is closed.

Second Place: Holly Otterbein; Philadelphia City Paper
“Still in business”

Third Place: Zach Berman; Philadelphia Daily News
“Tough Rookie”

Non-deadline Writing (circ. +75,000)

First Place: Jeff Gammage; Philadelphia Inquirer
“Healing the wounds of South Phila High”
Judge’s Comments: First of all, kudos to Gammage for getting incredible access to South Philadelphia High and its principal. And for producing powerful, riveting stories that show readers what life is like inside a troubled school. Masterfully done.

Second Place: Melissa Dribben; Philadelphia Inquirer
“Rapture-ready; The silent battle for women in military: Sexual assault; A daughter’s wedding perfect in its imperfection”

Third Place: Tara Murtha; Philadelphia Weekly
“Political Homicide; The Lost Boys; Made to Change”

Non-deadline Writing (circ. 40,000-75,000)

First Place: Jo Ciavaglia; Bucks County Courier Times.
Judge’s Comments: This writing is not good; it is excellent. Ciavaglia’s ability to transport readers to a time and place, her use of dialogue and vivid descriptions are first rate. That paper is lucky to have her; she is a joy to read.

Second Place: Naila Francis; Bucks County Courier Times

Third Place: Manasee Wagh: Bucks County Courier Times

Non-deadline Writing (circ. -40,000)

First Place: John George; Philadelphia Business Journal
Judge’s Comments: In-depth, explanatory journalism at its best.

Second Place: Alex Rose; Delaware County Daily Times

Third Place: Patti Mengers; Delaware County Daily times

Local Column

First Place: Monica Yant-Kinney, Philadelphia Inquirer
Judge’s Comments: So solid and clear, a personal point of view without first-person indulgences, substantiated and relevant.

Second Place: Kate Fratti; Bucks County Courier Times
Judge’s Comments: Written first-person without being all about her; sense of humor and outrage

Third Place: Annette John-Hall; Philadelphia Inquirer

Business Story

First Place: Chris Mondics; Philadelphia Inquirer
“Preying on the Elderly”
Judge’s Comments: An in-depth look at an underreported crime. Solid examination of
gaps in system and legal Issues.

Second Place: John George; Philadelphia Business Journal
“Road to Reform”

Third Place: Alan J. Heavens; Philadelphia Inquirer
“Amid gloom, some places still boom”

Health & Science Story

First Place: Becky Batcha, Molly Eichel, Natalie Pompilio; Philadelphia Daily News
“Day in the life at Children’s”
Judge’s Comments: This is reporting at its best, telling a story by showing vivid, everyday examples of how a hospital really functions. Everybody knows how important Philadelphia Children’s is. This story tells us why, and it tells us through the eyes of children and parents, not talking heads or press releases. The explanations of how a hospital functions overnight were fascinating. I could not put this story down.

Second place: Stacey Burling; Philadelphia Inquirer
“Caring till the end”

Third place: Don Sapatkin; Philadelphia Inquirer
“AIDS activists flourish here by adapting”

Political Reporting

First Place: Matt Katz; Philadelphia Inquirer
“Christie walks, talks line”
Judge’s Comments: Authoritative, insightful and witty. Everything good political reporting should be.

Second Place: Thomas Fitzgerald; Philadelphia Inquirer
“Braving town halls loses favor”

Third Place: Karen Heller; Philadelphia Inquirer
“And now, a first word from your governor”

Sports Story (circ. +75,000)

First Place: Mark Kram; Philadelphia Daily News
“In Charlie we trust”
Judge’s Comments: Mark Kram’s profile of Charlie Manuel is a delightful look at what he calls “unquestionably the greatest manager in the annals of the organization.” Great details about Manuel’s humble beginnings in baseball and less-than-stellar career as a player in the majors and in Japan. Wonderful stories about his relationship with the legendary Billy Martin and with current players. A great read.

Second Place: Frank Seravalli; Philadelphia Daily News
“House of Wayne”

Third Place: Michael Alan Goldberg; Philadelphia Weekly
“A Fighting Chance”

Sports Story (circ. -75,000)

First Place: Dan Dunkin; Bucks County Courier Times
“Specialization in sports”
Judge’s Comments: An excellent series on a difficult subject. Dunkin did a terrific job explaining all the angles and finding the right people to personalize why the issue of sports specialization can be so difficult for parents and kids.

Second Place: Matt Chandik; Delaware County Daily Times
“Friel’s return to play is one to remember”

Third Place: Christopher Vito; Delaware County Daily Times
“Ex-Haverford coach: Why was I fired?”

Sports Column (circ +75,000)

First Place: John Smallwood; Philadelphia Daily News

Judge’s Comments: Overall, diverse and unique angles and storytelling. Did some digging to come up with provocative stories that were thoroughly reported.

Second Place: Bob Ford; Philadelphia Inquirer

Third Place: Phil Sheridan; Philadelphia Inquirer

Sports Column (circ -75,000)

First Place: Jack McCaffery; Delaware County Daily Times
Judge’s Comments: We might say an “inside baseball” piece confuses or bores the average reader, but this “inside football” piece works. Jack McCaffery writes with a certain righteous indignation about Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid’s distortions and deceptions, which reach an unacceptable level when they occur on a regular basis and on relatively ordinary matters. A crisp piece that displays sound reasoning and clarity of thought and expression.

Editorial Writing

First Place: Philip E. Heron; Delaware County Daily Times
“Paterno, Spanier should step down now”
Judge’s Comments: There’s a compelling slow burn to this call for the removal or resignation of former Penn State football coach Joe Paterno. It shows the small-minded thinking of trying to hang onto a football legacy at the expense of justice and young boys’ safety. The line “as if anything related to football matters at this point” says it all.

Second Place: Guy Petroziello; Bucks County Courier Times
“Make-believe degrees? Masters of deceit”

Third Place: Karen Naylor; Bucks County Courier Times
“Political work for public dollars? Register of shills”

Editorial Columnist

First Place: Kevin Ferris; Philadelphia Inquirer
“The wrenching choices of 9/11”
Judge’s Comments: Even after all that has been written about the events of 9/11, Kevin Ferris’s piece on the 10th anniversary brings a sober new appreciation of the personal sacrifices made that day. His examples and evocative re-telling remind us what courage is, and that we regularly, if amazingly, have heroes among us.

Second Place: Trudy Rubin; Philadelphia Inquirer
“A bipartisan effort doomed misadventure in Iraq”

Third Place: Bill White; The Morning Call
“Disaster brought blessings”

Editorial Cartoon

First Place: Tom Stiglich; Philadelphia Inquirer
Judge’s Comments: No words needed. His drawings tell the reader everything they need to know. A thought-provoking selection of work that evokes emotions from horror to outrage. And even a heartfelt smile at the thought of Clarence Clemons’ Heavenly gig.

Second Place: Tony Auth; Philadelphia Inquirer


First Place: Craig LaBan; Philadelphia Inquirer
Judge’s Comments: LaBan turns a review into a story by finding a theme for his experience and elaborating on it throughout the review. He doesn’t resort to a single one of the restaurant review clichés that can be found in even veteran writer’s reviews. And he obviously knows what he’s talking about; not only the cuisine he’s reviewing, but the entire Philadelphia food scene. And because he’s so specific and evocative in describing what he likes, this is the kind of review I would cut out and take to the restaurant with me.

Second Place: David Patrick Stearns; Philadelphia Inquirer

Third Place: Robert Leiter; Jewish Exponent

News Headlines

First Place: Philip E. Heron; Delaware County Daily Times
Judge’s Comments: Surprise! Edgy and clever. And the smaller paper beats the bigger guys. Good job!

Second Place: Ed Weiner; Philadelphia Daily News

Third Place: Sue Weston; Philadelphia Inquirer

Features Headlines

First Place: Adamma Ince; Philadelphia Weekly
Judge’s Comments: Snappy and eye-grabbling. Clever, does the job of getting readers’ attention

Second Place: Nina Hoffman; Philadelphia Weekly

Third Place: Ed Weiner; Philadelphia Daily News

Sports Headline

First Place: Doug Darroch; Philadelphia Daily News
Judge’s Comments: Clever. Snappy and punchy. Draws the reader in to take a closer look.

Second Place: Drew McQuade; Philadelphia Daily News

Page Design

First Place: Amy Raudenbush; Philadelphia Daily News
“Penn State Scandal”
Judge’s Comments: This design captured the complex, controversial Penn State scandal with simple and clean, yet bold design. Well thought out and executed.

Second Place: Sterling Chen; Philadelphia Inquirer
“Bright and shiny spring”
Judge’s Comments: Bold use of typography and color.

Third Place: Tom Raski; Bucks County Courier Times
“The end of our journey”
Judge’s Comments: Nice flow and organization of a lot of information.

News Graphic

First Place: John Spencer; Philadelphia Business Journal
“Vision quest“

Second Place: Mike Placentra; Philadelphia Inquirer
“Teachers speak out”

Third Place: John Duchneskie; Philadelphia Inquirer
“We’re in the crosshairs”

News Photo

First Place: Kim Weimer; Bucks County Courier Times
“Remembering a victim”

Second Place: April Saul; Philadelphia Inquirer
“Turning in boots and helmets”

Third Place: Kim Weimer; Bucks County Courier Times
“Scout hugs “

Features Photo

First Place: April Saul; Philadelphia Inquirer
“A Stray bullet, a shattered life”
Judge’s Comments: : A very touching story; It’s apparent that the photographer spent many hours with the family to capture the struggles, as well as the strong spirit of a young boy caught in the crossfire. The photographers’ initiative and dedication to the story is evident in the intimate moments captured, and is highlighted by the fact that the photographer wrote the story as well — a substantial story at that. Very well done. Impressive.

Second Place: Neal Santos; Philadelphia City Paper
“Ultimate Summer Fun Guide “

Third Place: April Saul; Philadelphia Inquirer
“Motel Homeless”

Sports Photo

First Place: Steve Gengler; Bucks County Courier Times
“Volleyball celebration”

Second Place: Steve Gengler; Bucks County Courier Times
“Wrestler celebrates victory”

Third Place: Matt Stanley, Bucks County Courier Times
“Deflecting a kick”

Robert F. Fleischhauer Portrait Award

First Place: Jeff Fusco; Philadelphia Business Journal
“Will Reynolds”
Judge’s Comments: Vivid. Lively. Not your typical CEO shot.

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