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2012 Radio

Radio Documentary
First Place: Amy Cherry, WDEL 1150AM
“Behind bars”
Judge’s Comments: Excellent “inside the walls” look at educational programs in the Delaware prison system. Well written. Excellent storytelling with balanced blend of narration, interview and natural sound elements.
Second Place: Christina Maxwell, Phil Blandino; 89.7 WGLS-FM (Rowan Radio)
“Smoking: Unfiltered”

First Place: News Staff; WDEL 1150AM
“Delaware’s News at Noon”
Judge’s Comments: Excellent examples of concise, and precise storytelling. Reporting is fast-paced, but with a fluid continuity. Good job of updating breaking news stories as the newscast progresses.

News Story
First Place: News Staff; WDEL 1150 AM
“Hurricane Irene.”
Judge’s Comments: Excellent coverage aimed at updating audience to the immediate seriousness of the situation. A very good team effort of reporting, and providing an important community service at the same time.
Second Place: News Staff; WDEL 1150AM
“August Earthquake”

Election Coverage
First Place: Staff, AM 1440 WNPV
“2011 General Election Package”
Judge’s Comments: Good effort in providing up-to-the-minute information on results. Also, excellent job with pre-result coverage and post-result reaction from winners and losers

News Feature
First Place: Mellany Armstrong; WDEL 1150AM
“Delaware Stories”
Judge’s Comments: Great storytelling. Wonderful blend of narration, interviews and natural sound. Excellent job of packing a lot of images into a short time period.

Report on Health/Science
First Place: Dr. Craig Wax; 89.7 WGLS-FM
“Your Health Matters”
Judge’s Comments: Very good effort in explaining complex information in a straightforward presentation aimed at a specific audience.

Talk Show: Interview
First Place: Alan Loudell; WDEL 1150AM
“In-Depth Interviews on Bin Laden Death”
Judge’s Comments: Excellent variety of interviews for reaction. All were handled professionally with precise and concise questions. Also there were very good follow-up questions in the interviews.

Second Place: Darryl Berger, WNPV AM1440
“Comment Please by Univest: Hurricane Irene Approaches.”
Third Place: Paul Perrello; WGLS-FM 89.7
“Studio 89.7: Jerry Blavat Interview”

Talk Show: Call-In
First Place: Darryl Berger; AM 1440 WNPV
“Comment Please by Univest: North Bend School Issue”
Judge’s Comments: Berger does excellent job of detailing both sides of the issue, while facilitating a lively exchange of opinions.

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